Victoria L. Enders

Victoria is presently researching the story of her great aunt, Claudia Windsor, a "new woman" from the West, who briefly lived the bohemian life in New York in the late teens and early twenties, married a French artist and was adopted by a French Countess, before disappearing once again into obscurity.


Constructing Spanish Womanhood: Female Identity in Modern Spain
Edited by Victoria L. Enders and Pamela B. Radcliff. (SUNY, 1999)

“A great contribution to the modern history of Spanish women. Enders and Radcliff describe diverse women: tobacco workers, miners’ wives, women of seacoast villages and religious orders, or the activists of modern political movements—real people in a gender-repressed society.”
–Robert Kern, University of New Mexico

Selected Works

This first anthology in English links the concerns of Spanish women’s history to those of women’s history elsewhere.

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